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Sunday, February 19, 2017

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Latest Updates:

Dan renewed his US contacts recording & doing groundwork for events.We will shortly be upgrading this site to prepare the ground for a hosting a selection of recording & video samples.

We will be adding more social media links...

We hope to touch base also with some of the International & Irish virtouso performers this year.

Dan is currently recording material for the new project & will be hooking up with his regular team including some filming.He is planning to rebase operations to Manhattan.More later......

Horslips frontman Barry Devlin kindly took time from a busy schedule to give some advice & contacts to assist the developing project recently.

Dan will be opening a new project in the US this year with special event shows interested parties can view the 15 stunning video excerpts from shows by contacting his US representation direct or alternatively use contact info above.

Dan is busy working on a mix of different projects New tracks  radical remixes of favourites & new genres featuring stunning vocal performances.

There will be a return to collaborative work in spring.He is working on a long term project for US while a new orchestral live show is planned for.

We will mount some new track samples onsite shortly & some video slots on you tube.

Frontier is seeking investment for its profile US projects interested parties contact info@frontierrecords.net

Dan has created a range of new projects for One of which is an acoustic project which should suit radio stations.The larger projects are still to be run in International theatres but need more advance planning as hopefully global recovery kicks in. Last year plans were laid for Frontier studio 2 to facilitate these. Hopefully we will make it to Brazil this year to begin work. Shortly some new footage should feature in a completed TV documentary. Frontier is undergoing major change moving to dedicated server & major development. Recommencing with NY sessions in spring more later...... Jump to the Frontier site for tracks & new csro video frontierrecords.net

Dan has explored film production with the CSRO project, where he continues as producer/writer with frontierrecords.net, having produced 2 short films & a documentary recording the unplugged live sessions from New York. He is currently planning a live feature with a range of new tracks before returning to festival work in 2009, including a planned filmed session at London's Abbey Road. The new material will feature contributions from a range of International talent. Excerpts from the projects including video snips are available at frontierrecords.net

Dan has supervised the upgrading of Frontierrecords.net online status. You can now view the projects, download purchase & view video excerpts from the CSRO Film & Music project with guests in more detail at frontierrecords.net. Work continues on the CSRO project with an unplugged filmed session recorded live at Chung King Studio in New York & preparations are underway for the American release of the project in 2008.
The CSRO documentry has been completed with interviews live cuts & many special performances, more excerpts will be placed on www.frontierrecords.net. More recording collaborative work & release announcements will be made shortly with new audio for the Frontier site with announcements on three possible new releases.

Dan recorded & filmed sessions at the Frontier studio in Dublin before moving to New York for a number of weeks' recording culminating in sessions filmed at Chung King Studios, New York, featuring the combination of Brazilian Meia Noite & Urbano Sanchez combining on Irish rhythm sessions also featured 3 dance pieces 2 brazilian & 1 flamenco. Also guesting were Romero, & Irish flute/whistle virtuoso Joanie Madden & Rnb Vocalist Saundra Williams among others too numerous to mention.

Dan has just returned from several weeks recording & filming in New York. Dan has recorded with a mix of International & American talent. Dan has also added some dance highlights to the project, as well as working with some established names in American, Spanish & Brazilian music. Shortly we'll be editing the CSRO documentary shot in Dublin, London, Paris & New York during 2006. He'll be recording in Dublin in January 2007 with his Irish Virtuosos before returning to the US to integrate both acts for some unplugged sessions to be filmed. Expect to see some major International names guesting on the project. Shortly we'll be introducing a download for sale by track/album on Dan's Frontier Records site.

Recently Dan has worked with the Harlem Gospel Choir on 2 of his original Tracks as part of the CSRO Project.

In London filming & recording recently Dan recorded 2 sessions with the London Metropolitan Orchestra on the CSRO project also featuring on the sessions were Guy Barker trumpet extraordinaire,Percussion maestro Hossam Ramzy & British Rnb vocalist Shena McSween all sessions were filmed for the expanding project.Dan will shortly be working with the Harlem Gospel Choir on a number of tracks,with more US work in prospect next month the schedule is getting hectic.

The CSRO Project is developing into a phenomenal project which now features a wealth of major International talent - Following collaborative sessions in Los Angeles the CSRO project moved to Dublin to record & film at the Frontier studio with Irish virtuosos. More recently British & American vocalists flew in for rehersals on an unplugged concert. Collaborating with the cream of Irish talent these International sessions moved to Paris for a short concert filmed in a chateau South of Paris for an appreciative audience, segments will be featuring in the upcoming documentary. Next month the project moves to London for vocal, instrumental & an orchestral session which will also be filmed, before moving back to the US for extended development & filming.


A number of fantastic American musicians are intertwining with pulsing flavors from Ireland, Britain, Spain, Puerto Rica and Brazil. This carefully nurtured project is becoming one of the most creative on the International music scene and has that magical 'WOW' factor which will enable touring in 20 American & European cities.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Dan has recently been recording in Los Angeles with Brazilian sensation Meia Noite from Sergio Mendes. Meia will be featuring on the CSRO Project. Currently editing the LA sessions, Dan is also orchestrating the next phase which will be in Dublin and London, setting the ground for further activities in Europe afterwards. It's fast becoming a celebrity project - we hope to be recording with Victor Wooten when schedules coincide.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Dan has just completed some great sessions and collaborations with a diverse range of talent - Spanish Flamenco virtuoso Romero and Puerto Rican maestro Urbano Sanchez played amazing cross rhythms against Irish/Riverdance rhythm players Ray Fean & Robbbie Casserley.


Dan linked up with Kevin Eubanks and Celtic Salsa Express horn player George Ragsdale for a short session and also with former CSE vocalists now performing with Ben E. King. As the sessions developed NY vocalist Saundra Williams came on board to add her smooth vocals. Further sessions are planned both in LA and New York.


Back in Dublin, Dan launched the Frontier Studio with a live session which saw major Irish players Eoghan O'Neill, Robbie Casserley and Anto Drennan lay down some great tracks that are destined to feature in the International project Frontier will be launching in the US. Contributions from Uileann piper Flaithri Neff interweave with Brazilian musicians in a mesmirising fashion ... so much going on, more of which later.


Following a break due to family bereavement, Dan has completed the Frontier Studio, which will accommodate visiting celebs for project collaborations. Dan will be Manhattan based for recording/production while assembling a huge International project which will tour the main American cities.


Back in the studio, Dan has recently recorded half a dozen kickin' tracks with Robbie Casserley & Ace Bass Eoghan O'Neill in Westland.


He will be presenting some of the projects at the Cannes Music Festival this year. Details of time, place etc. will be posted here in a few days.


The London Metropolitan Orchestra crossover project is set to resume shortly as will the sessions with R'n'B singers, classical singers & rock guitarists.


Plans are being prepared to hook up with the Riverdance guys in NY, bringing in our Puerto Rican, Cuban and Dominican friends which will be the basis for some very exciting music that will see the light of day later in the year. Dan will also be hooking up with a number of American artists to get involved in these sessions and work together on another project in the near future.


Ever the traveller, Frontier hope to ease the burden of Dan's Frontier work which will enable him to source collaborations in faraway continents.


We will have a schedule of 2005 releases shortly


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Dan has expanded the range of his work to Main Producer/Writer for Frontier International - follow the link to the Frontier site to see some of these projects.


Dan has been recording in Abbey Road Studios, London with The London Metropolian Orchestra, completing the first stages of an exciting album that brings his material into new areas, including mixing the combined strengths of the LMO with the intricacies of Irish rhythms and the power of some significant Diva/Gospel talent. With results so far sounding great and creating some real excitement, he'll be heading back to Abbey Road for further sessions pretty soon.


Looking further afield, plans are being laid to work with some Arabic musicians, consolidating Dan's interest from his travels in the Middle East a few years ago.


Closer to home, Dan plans to go back into Westland with Rob Casserley and will be also be guesting with a series of great UK talent from the Pop, Jazz, and Rock spheres.


On the production front there's supervising a series of Frontier releases while continuing a series of International Diva recordings. Planning is underway for a US release as well as working on a number of projects in New York & LA.


On the gig front we're putting together a full-on Frontier show charity which will be announced once the guests are finalised. Somewhere in all this hive of activity there will be shows ranging from the full Frontier experience with flavors from all the projects through to unplugged Radio stuff! Sights are now set on bringing the show to New York by the end of the year.


Dan was recently asked where he sees this all going. His reply, after a few moments thought, was that he'd "like to see the projects span the globe, bringing cultures together. I'm tired of seeing divisions." Certainly, his recent musical endeavours have been crossing a lot of boundaries.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The eagerly anticipated Frontier Roadshow has taken longer than expected to go live mainly due to the production, writing and collaborative demands of simultaneously working on 30-40 Songs involving 5-6 Projects.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Producing a recent series of singles put out by Frontier Records with Irish and International Artists, these latest projects of Dan's have been picking up airplay on the BBC and many Irish regional & local stations.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


All singles are currently available in HMV Ireland - details on the Frontier site. Tower Records (Ireland) has recently started to stock items also.


Dan is currently working on a huge array of tracks in many different genres from Soca, Dance, Rock, Arabic, Classical, Bhangra, Celtic and more. Plans are being laid for further major collaborations across the globe.

Quotes Of Note

"There's a veritable united nations of talent to be heard on the new Celtic Salsa Express single."

"...shake your maraccas! that's a great combination of players and a great sound! We're hoping to have them here soon."
George Jones, BBC Radio

"...if you can get that little lot together in the studio, solving the Palestinian problem should be a doddle."

"...this is the kind of summery feel that makes a lot of sense in an open-air festival..."more

"I've never seen such awesome power and talent assembled in one place"more

"...You'd be hard pressed to find a group that blends so many different world influences..."more
Sue Braiden, CBC Radio Canada

"...Everyone's on their feet, you want to hear more..."more
Gig review, Bleeker Street, NY

"...The material was a clever mix of styles written with breathtaking arrangements..."more
Gig review, Yonkers, NY

"...I found myself drawn in by their high energy mix of horns, percussion and..."more
Gig review, Oyster Festival, NY


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